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ATE Wafer Test Illuminator

Philipp Gottesleben

4. Juni 2015

Test Systems for optoelectronic devices (image sensor or diode) need to stimulate the DUT (device under test) with programmable illumination. aSpect provids a programmable multichannel LED illuminator (idLUX) for such applications.
High volume wafer test systems dock the ATE (Automated Test Equipment) directely on top of the wafer prober, but they do not care for space to adapt an illumination device mechanically.

aSpect integrated their LED color illuminator idLUX mechanically into Advantest 93000 test head. The idLUX copples to the water cooling of the ATE, to prevent from warming up. Optics and LEDs equip wavelengths from UV to IR (e.g: 310nm, 360nm, 470nm, 540nm, 630nm, 850nm, 900nm, 1050nm, White). The number of channels (wavelengths) can be configured to the requirements of the DUT. The uniform diameter of the illuminated area enables multisite test or large area devices.

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