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COB: Customized Packaging

Marcus Verhoeven

20. Sept. 2023

Elevating CMOS Image Sensor Packaging with our COB Expertise

In the realm of semiconductor packaging, precision and innovation are the keys to unlocking the full potential of CMOS image sensors. At aSpect, we're proud to share our specialized expertise in designing Chip on Board (COB) packages tailored specifically for CMOS image sensors, whether they're small format, large format, or even wafer-scale imagers!


Why Our COB Packages for CMOS Image Sensors Stand Out:

Precision Engineering: We understand that the heart of imaging systems lies in the CMOS image sensor. Our COB packages are meticulously designed to ensure minimal signal interference and maximum image quality, whether it's for small, large, or wafer-scale imagers.

Miniaturization Mastery: Shrinking the form factor of imaging devices while maintaining performance is our forte. Our COB solutions enable compact, high-resolution imaging solutions for a wide range of applications.

Optimized Thermal Management: CMOS image sensors can generate significant heat. Our COB packages are engineered for superior thermal dissipation, guaranteeing consistent performance in demanding conditions.

Reliability Redefined: With fewer interconnects and robust design, our COB packages enhance product reliability, critical in applications from smartphones to large-scale industrial imaging systems.


Our Specialized Focus: CMOS Image Sensors, Large Format, and Wafer-Scale Imagers

At aSpect, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of COB packaging, not only for standard CMOS image sensors but also for large format imagers and wafer-scale imagers. Whether you're working on advanced surveillance systems, cutting-edge smartphones, or groundbreaking industrial imagers, our expertise can elevate your project.


Are you an engineer or project manager seeking top-tier CMOS image sensor packaging solutions, including large format and wafer-scale applications? Connect with us today, and let's explore how our COB expertise can enhance your imaging applications!

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