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Custom Automation Equipment

Philipp Gottesleben

19. Okt. 2023

One platform for many applications

Semiconductor backend industry is full of fantastic commercial-off-the-shelf vendors, the evolved efficiency of these tools is part of all over semiconductor success since the 1960s in terms of performance, reliability and cost. But there is always a need in this industry for custom equipment to support new ideas, specific niche processes or simply to go new ways in established manufacturing.

aSpect has a long track record to realize custom equipment in the fields of test systems, active alignment solutions for cameras, visual inspection systems for wafers or pick & place machines for electro-optical components.

The video shows an example of a system that can transfer dies between dicing frames and waffle/gel- packs.

There are many applications were such automated processes are necessary for development and low/mid high end production. aSpect is using such a system for test services, we receive devices in Waffle/Gel-pack, transfer them onto frames and perform automated die test with a Accretech Frame Prober. We use it also for supply chain management to transfer or sort dies between dicing frames and waffle/gel- packs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your custom equipment requirements with us!

Please note, we are in good cooperation with other automation companies, together with partners we have realized full automated inline production processes for cameras or end of line test solution.

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