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Optical interface for the aS-PCB-Kintex7

Marcus Verhoeven

16. Juni 2023

These days we test devices transmitting more than 1Tbps which would require 100 of our CL interfaces. There are several different ways to deal with this bandwidth range and we also use different type of interfaces. But one very nice and compact approach is Samtec Firefly.

Excited to share our expertise in high-bandwidth test and prototype solutions for cutting-edge technologies! Over the past two decades, we have witnessed remarkable advancements, from our Dual Full Camera Link supporting 10Gbps to testing devices transmitting over 1Tbps today.

Dealing with high bandwidth ranges and different application requirements, we use various interface options. One standout solution we employ is the compact and reliable FIREFLY solution from Samtec. Its seamless integration between our FPGA solutions and the host has proven invaluable, whether in our wafer test setups with 10m MPO fiber or in imaging applications spanning over 50m.

Check out the image showcasing our Firefly interface in conjunction with our aS_PCB_Kintex7. This configuration enables us to transmit a whopping 80Gbps while maintaining a small footprint of only 60x75mm in our test applications.

Connect with us to learn more about our high-bandwidth solutions and how we can help your projects thrive!

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