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idLUX g3 High Power LED Illuminator

Application: Image Sensor Test, Wafertest, Multisite Test, Surface Inspection, Target Illumination, Surface Exposure.

The idLUX family contains programmable LED illuminators in cw operation (not pulsed) with non-uniformity down to <1%. It provides various wavelengths from 310nm up to >1200nm and can be configured for different spot sizes and intensities. The latest model idLUX g3 provides super high intensities of up to 50mW/cm² or >100klux even for large areas of 150mm in the colors red, green, blue and white. It can be water cooled to stabilize temperature and intensity and can be delivered with a programmable power supply and optional intensity calibration.

idLUX g3 with 4 channel high power LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White)


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