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A "Source Measure Unit" is a high precision programmable source (or sink) that can force a voltage and measure the current or force a current and measure the voltage. It supports different ranges for high precision measurements and an easy to use USB-Interface with graphical user interface. It can be integrated to your application with an  easy to use API and can support a web socket server for mutliclient applications.

idSMU 1

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    FV, FN (high-Z), MV, MI
    Force-, Measure-, Guard- and GND Sense Pin per SMU

    On Board Voltage Range:
    ±10V / 16bit

    On Board Current: 6 Ranges each 16 bit
    ±5µA; ±25µA; ± 250µA; ± 2,5mA ± 25mA; ± 250mA

    Voltage Clamp 16bit
    Current Clamp 16bit

    On Board ADC Channel
    16bit / 250KS/s

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